Feelings of Meaninglessness

We all have different attitudes and values in relation to life. And our attitudes towards life primarily define the quality of our life. Building how we relate can be a result of having positive or negative feelings towards life.

A psychotherapist can help to provide a space to enable the client to find new and better ways to confront the anxieties of life. Through the relationship with the therapist the client can discover why he/she are overstrained by the anxieties of purposelessness and meaninglessness and emerge from these feelings.

We can all become stuck and unable to overcome the anxiety that results from the human conditions of aloneness, isolation, mortality, and meaninglessness. Rather than taking charge of life and seeking out direction and meaning, we may find we are accepting things as they are and finding it difficult to find a way to change for the better. Even though a person may feel trapped and helpless, his or her freedom to choose goes unexercised because making changes is difficult; it is easier and safer not to rock the boat.

The results are rigidness, compulsions, a strong need for approval, avoidance of responsibility, reluctance to make decisions, blame-shifting, and an inordinate fear of death (Corey, 2001). By ceding control of his or her life to outside forces, a person encumbers himself or herself with a limited self-awareness

In the therapeutic space a person can face the anxieties of life head-on. They may reach a place of not only understanding but embracing the human condition of aloneness. It may assist in finding satisfactory answers to life’s questions. Acceptance of personal limitations while still being able to generate self-approval from within is part of the goal in this instance.

A person can come to revel in the freedom to choose and take full responsibility for their choices. They courageously can take the helm of their lives and steer in whatever direction they choose; they have the courage to be. Through therapy a person can arrest their feelings of meaninglessness by realising that they alone can give meaning to their lives.

By building, by loving, and by creating they are able to live life as their own adventure. Finally, a person can explore and understand their own mortality and if necessary overcome any inordinate fear of death.