We have all felt fed up and sad for no obvious reason at times in our lives. After talking to a friend or family member these feelings often go away. Sometimes even after talking to someone these feelings do not go away and they begin to interfere with our everyday life. If you have experienced 5 or more of the following symptoms within the same two week period, particularly if a lowered mood and lack of interest in everything are among your symptoms, this could indicate an episode of depression:

  • Feeling sad or empty, wanting to cry frequently.
  • Decreased interest or pleasure in all daily activities.
  • Significant unplanned weight loss.
  • Insomnia or sleeping too much.
  • Being agitated and ‘nervy’ or extremely slowed down in movement.
  • Deep fatigue, with loss of energy and motivation.
  • Feelings of worthlessness, and of inappropriate guilt.
  • Diminished ability to think, concentrate or make decisions.
  • Recurring thoughts about death.

Symtoms of depression are quite easy to detect, but the confusion and mental sluggishness that accompanies depression make it difficult for the sufferer to investigate the root causes of these symptoms. Therapy can offer you a safe space to talk about the painful changes that have taken place in your way of being in the world, and to explore their causes, with a view to moving forward in self-understanding to a more secure, rewarding and productive future. About